One-Stop Support System

For Women In All Stages Of Separation & Divorce


Providing legal support to married couples navigating divorce, ensuring a fair and seamless transition for both spouses.


Expertise for unmarried couples seeking separation, facilitating a fair and legally sound resolution for your unique situation.

Child Support & Spousal Support

Assistance with preparing a Notice of Family Claim for parenting arrangements, Child Support or Spousal Support.

Separation Agreement

Crafting legally binding separation agreements to ensure fair terms and protect your interests during separation.

How it works

Simplified Steps for Your Empowerment

Three-step process starts with a consultation, leads to personalized guidance, and culminates in your transformation. Discover the journey to confidence and a brighter future.

Initial Consultation

Book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation, goals, and get to know how we can help you.

Personalized Guidance

We tailor our approach to your unique needs, providing empathetic support, legal expertise, and confidence-building strategies.

Empowerment and Transformation

With our guidance, you'll emerge from the legal maze stronger, empowered, and financially secure, ready to embrace your brighter future.

Why Choose Me?​

Your Partner Through the Legal Maze

I’ve combined my personal journey of self-representation, my extensive paralegal expertise, and my certifications as a Legal, Separation and Divorce Coach into a one-stop support system for women like you. My goal is simple: to make your divorce journey kinder, efficient, and more affordable.

Empathic Guidance

I've walked in your shoes. I understand the fear, frustration, and confusion that can come with legal battles. With me by your side, you'll find unwavering support and empathy.

Friendly Approach

Legal matters don't have to be intimidating. I approach every case with a friendly and approachable demeanor, making sure you feel comfortable and heard throughout the process.


I empower you with knowledge, strategies, and tools to confidently handle your legal matters. Together, we'll dispel fear and uncertainty.

Case Studies

Inspiring Client Success Stories

Discover how our empathetic guidance and legal expertise have empowered clients through their divorce and separation journeys. Read their stories of transformation and find inspiration in their successes.

Karen got married in Alberta, had no children, separated, and moved to British Columbia 2 years after separation. By working together, Karen was able to save thousands of dollars in legal fees. She filed a Sole Application for Divorce in British Columbia and served her ex-spouse in Alberta.

Karen Clients

Ximena lived in a common-law relationship for 6 years. She separated and wanted to learn more about the possibility of seeking spousal support and its tax implications as taxable income. By working together, Ximena learned that there is no cost to file a claim for spousal support in the Provincial Court. She filled out and filed a Notice of Family Claim seeking spousal support.

Ximena Clients

Sonia was in a common-law relationship and separated 2 years ago. She has a son and never received child support from the father of her child. They both have a full-time job, and she has been paying for childcare expenses since separation. By working together, Sonia gained clarity about the process of seeking retroactive child support in British Columbia and started a family claim for child support and extraordinary expenses.

Sonia Clients

Our Blog

Insights and Guidance

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