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Discover how our empathetic guidance and legal expertise have empowered clients through their divorce and separation journeys. Read their stories of transformation and find inspiration in their successes.

Sarah immigrated from Mexico, got married in Canada and is a mother of two young children. She was in an emotionally abusive relationship for several years and English is not her first language. She is not eligible for legal aid and has no family in Canada to support her.
By working together, Sarah was able to understand her financial situation, including her rights to claim spousal support and child support. We created a financial plan and discussed tax implications regarding the Child Tax Benefit and eligibility to claim her children as eligible dependent in her tax return. We also prepared a separation agreement which sets out the parenting arrangements to be followed by both parties prioritizing the well-being of her children.

Sarah Clients

Laura has 2 children and did not have a clear understanding of the divorce process in British Columbia. 3 years ago, she filed the first set of documents to obtain a Divorce, due to COVID she couldn’t finalize her divorce application and the information contained in the original application drastically changed.
By working together, Laura was able to understand the differences between a Sole Application for Divorce and a Joint Application for Divorce. She decided to work together with her ex-spouse. They changed from Sole Application to Joint Application and split the filing fee costs.

Laura Clients

Ximena lived in a common-law relationship for 6 years. She separated and wanted to learn more about the possibility of seeking spousal support and its tax implications as taxable income.
By working together, Ximena learned that there is no cost to file a claim for spousal support in the Provincial Court. She filled out and filed a Notice of Family Claim seeking spousal support.

Ximena Clients

Sonia was in a common-law relationship and separated 2 years ago. She has a son and never received child support from the father of her child. They both have a full-time job, and she has been paying for childcare expenses since separation.
By working together, Sonia gained clarity about the process of seeking retroactive child support in British Columbia and started a family claim for child support and extraordinary expenses.

Sonia Clients

Karen got married in Alberta, had no children, separated, and moved to British Columbia 2 years after separation.
By working together, Karen was able to save thousands of dollars in legal fees. She filed a Sole Application for Divorce in British Columbia and served her ex-spouse in Alberta.

Karen Clients

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