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About Me

Meet Johanna
Your Legal and Divorce Coach

Welcome to my world, where I transform lives and guide you through the challenging journey of separation and divorce. I’m Johanna, your dedicated Legal, Divorce and Separation Coach, fluent in both English and Spanish. My mission is powerful yet simple: to empower women like you, save you thousands in legal fees, and help you navigate the complexities of divorce and separation with confidence and ease.

Personal Triumph

My personal victory through self-representation fuels my passion to revolutionize your divorce experience.

Empathetic Guidance

I understand the fears and frustrations of legal battles; together, we'll navigate your journey with empathy and confidence.

My Story

A Personal Triumph: From Self-Representation to Victory

My passion for this work was ignited when I faced a personal crisis – being denied legal aid despite having three children to care for. I understand firsthand the fear and uncertainty that can grip you during family law battles. But I refused to be defeated. Armed with my expertise as a Paralegal and a burning determination to protect my family, I chose to represent myself in court.

And guess what? I won my case.

This experience exposed me to the harsh realities of the legal system: it’s often broken, slow, inefficient, and outrageously expensive. But it also fueled my commitment to revolutionize the way women interact with the law during life-altering transitions like divorce and separation.

Why Choose Me?​

Your Partner Through the Legal Maze

I’ve combined my personal journey of self-representation, my extensive paralegal expertise, and my certifications as a Legal, Separation and Divorce Coach into a one-stop support system for women like you. My goal is simple: to make your divorce journey kinder, efficient, and more affordable.

Empathic Guidance

I've walked in your shoes. I understand the fear, frustration, and confusion that can come with legal battles. With me by your side, you'll find unwavering support and empathy.

Friendly Approach

Legal matters don't have to be intimidating. I approach every case with a friendly and approachable demeanor, making sure you feel comfortable and heard throughout the process.


I empower you with knowledge, strategies, and tools to confidently handle your legal matters. Together, we'll dispel fear and uncertainty.